Marine Surveys For Yacht & Small Craft

Stay Seaworthy

Insurance Survey

Time for your insurance?

Get a full report for your peace of mind.

Pre-Purchase Survey

Found the boat of your dreams?

Ensure there are no hidden costs.

Damage Report

Boat had a mishap? 

Get it back on the water safely.

Yacht Valuation

Need your boat valued?

Have it assessed by a professional.

What do I bring to your Marine Survey?

My name is Fran Kelly and your boat will be surveyed right by me

  • Qualified Marine Surveyor
  • Qualified Metal Fabricator
  • Qualified Offshore Yachtmaster
  • Skipper of my own 38ft Yacht
  • ISA Advanced Powerboat Instructor
  • 30 years experience on Yachts and Small Craft in Ireland, UK and European water


What you get from a Marine Survey

  • Get an up-to-date picture of your boat's condition.
  • Obtain a realistic financial appraisal of your vessel.
  • Check that your boat is fit for its intended purpose.
  • Ensure your boat is completely safe.
  • Verify that your boat has no hard to detect issues like Osmosis.
  • Plan on how to steer clear of future problems.