Yacht and Small Craft Valuations

Discover the true value of your boat

Engage a balanced Marine Surveyor

Whether you need your boat valued for resale, insurance or financing purposes, putting a realistic price on it is not easy. Unlike cars or houses, Yachts and Small Craft are considered luxury items so they are not straightforward.

Going by Google or the local market will allow you to compare by size, age and model but this only gives you a fraction of a boat's worth. Two similar models will often vary in price drastically. The most important factor, especially in pre-owned Yacht and Small Craft, is condition. 

Know the price to expect with your boat

Of course there are those who will tell you the price of everything without knowing the value of anything. But it will be you who has to stand over the price. It will be you who should know how wear and tear has affected your boat and if it has absorbed any moisture over the years. The last thing you want is to be accused of trying to pass on a boat with problems.

That's why it is in your interest to get an impartial inspection. Not only can you value your boat but it will also allow you to fix problems and increase the sale price ahead of time.

This valuation is a professional survey that identifies anything which impacts the actual worth of your boat. It takes into consideration the going rate for similar boats in Ireland. It also checks the maintenance and repair history, the structure and if there is any corrosion. This allows you to put a price on your boat with confidence. 

How is a Yacht Valuation different from other surveys?

Yacht Valuations are not as intensive as other surveys. As they do not include a hull survey, they can be carried out on water. There is an expectation that the Yacht is in working order and can be trusted.

What you get with a Yacht Valuation

  • Financial valuation.
  • Seaworthiness.
  • Identification of stress areas.
  • Inspection of wear and tear.
  • Maintenance and Repair History.
  • Equipment check.