Yacht & Small Craft Marine Surveys

Peace of Mind on the Water

One of the main troubles with boats is that they are extremely complicated designs, closer to bridges and aeroplanes than cars. They are also complicated builds with bulkheads, stringers and frames holding everything together. Unlike houses, boats move, often with enough speed to become airborne. Add water and you have more of an engineering miracle than a pleasure craft.

As a result, surveys are part of boat life. Whether for insurance, after an accident or for your own peace of mind, a thorough Marine Survey report is sometimes the only thing that will do.

The types of surveys I provide are:

  • Insurance Surveys to ensure your boat can be financially protected.
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys that let you know exactly what you are buying.
  • Damage Surveys that tell you the seriousness of any problems.
  • Yacht Valuations that assess the realistic worth of your vessel.

The benefits of a professional marine survey

I am qualified by International Institute of Marine Surveying with professional indemnity to carry out surveys on Yacht and Small Craft. The benefits for you include:

  • No-nonsense report on your boat's condition.
  • Financial evaluation.
  • Seaworthiness and suitability for use.
  • Safety checks.
  • Identification of costly hidden problems such as Osmosis.
  • Suggestions on how to avoid further problems.

What you need for a Marine Survey

1. Your boat must be out of the water.

2. It should be fully prepared as if it was going to sea.

3. Ideally the owner should be on hand to operate during the survey.

4. Access provided to the engine, cabin and all storage lockers.

5. Boat documents should be available.

6. All safety equipment should be onboard.

7. Maintenance and repair log should be updated.