Damage Survey

For Yacht and Small Craft

Take the pain out of damages

Minimise loss with an action plan

Damage is the last thing you want with your boat. Collisions are messy. Groundings can destroy a keel. Props and shafts can get ruined by rocks. Boats even get damaged on dry land. Situations like these brings worry, hassle and the possibility of unplanned repairs. Not to mention their inevitable expenses. That's before you get into insurance!

One thing is sure, accidents drain the pleasure out of sailing. I know from bitter experience that I could really do without them. They happen to the best sailors, no matter how experienced you are and they are more common than people admit.

The pain-free way to deal with an accident or damages is to respond promptly. Ignoring damages or putting them on the long finger will not only lead to more serious problems later on down the road, it is downright dangerous and financially risky.

Get your boat back on the water

The main benefit of a good Damage Survey is that you get a plan and timeline. You won't be going into the boatyard blind. You will know which jobs are essential, which are cosmetic and which ones are going to be messy. More importantly you will have an estimate of costs and time needed to get you back on the water.

I have years of experience getting Yacht and Small Craft repaired in Ireland.I can steer you in the right direction when it comes to finding a boatyard, getting your boat lifted and getting repairs done.

What you get with a Damage Survey

  • Complete out-of-water survey.
  • Identify if your craft is still seaworthy.
  • Check for structural strains beyond the immediate damage.
  • Prevent further deterioration.
  • Outline a repair schedule based on the type of damages.
  • Estimate the costs and time needed for repairs.
  • Investigate the cause of damage for insurance purposes.
  • Suggest a good boatyard if need be.