Need your boat surveyed?

Want someone with miles under the keel?

My name is Fran Kelly and I inspect Yacht and Small Craft. I'm a boat-owner myself so I know that surveys are often the last thing you want. If you are like me, you'd rather be on open water but I know first hand the things that can go wrong so I make sure my boat gets checked when it needs it.

When I'm not surveying boats, writing up reports or tapping hulls for moisture, you'll probably find me sailing my 38ft yacht down to Dingle because let's be honest that's a lot more fun. 

I grew up on boats, catching the bug in Dublin Bay in dinghies over 30 years ago. As a young lad, I trained as a metal fabricator. This allowed me to try everything from rebuilding engines to completely refitting yachts. I even repainted a hull once, something I am not too eager to repeat.

I always used surveyors for insurance and when buying boats. I was always impressed by how much they could tell about my boat during a survey. Over the years, a lot of the surveyors I used started retiring. So I saw an opportunity.

I was working full-time by day, doing a business degree by night and wondering how to combine a passion for boats with a new direction. I did a 3 year diploma in Marine Surveying which I passed. 

Now I help other small craft and yacht owners get their boats surveyed. I look forward to every survey, knowing that it stops insurers from driving up premiums. You get peace of mind and everyone stays safe on the water.

What experience can I share with you?

  • Registered member of International Institute of Marine Surveyors.
  • Offshore Yachtmaster.
  • Irish Sailing Senior Powerboat Instructor 
  • VHF SRC Radio Operator.
  • Swift Water Rescue Technician.
  • Advanced Open Water Diver.
  • Ship and Port Firefighter.
  • Registered Paramedic.
  • Level 2 Kayaker.
  • Manual Handling.