Pre-Purchase Surveys

For Yacht &Small Craft

 Found the boat of your dreams?

Don't mistake it for a nightmare

When looking for a new boat you probably have a picture in your head. Finding the right one depends on a lot of different factors and not all those are logical. Sometimes you see a boat and it looks like the one. The temptation is to close the deal in a hurry. After all, once you can keep the people in the boat and the boat in the water it should be plain sailing, right?

If only boats were always that simple. Buying a boat is usually the second largest investment you will make after your house. Like a house, boats can be poorly built. You can end up out of pocket easily. Defects can often lie hidden under paint jobs or get missed by an inexperienced eye. The last thing you want is to discover that your dream boat needs an overhaul and it is going to cost you as much as the asking price. Ending up with a boat like that makes it nearly impossible to resell. 

Get a professional second opinion

That's why it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. Professionals can spot problems before they become yours. Yes, the lads in the club might let on they know everything and Google makes it all sound straightforward but relying on untrusted sources is not a good strategy. 

The benefits of a pre-purchase survey are;

  • Peace of mind for your financial investment.
  • Confirm that your boat is seaworthy.
  • Find out what is wrong with a boat before you buy.
  • Discover any hidden problems like osmosis, damages or structural deficiencies.
  • Get an idea of the extent of repairs that might be needed.

Better bargaining power

The other main benefit of a good pre-purchase survey is that you will be placed in a much better position when it comes to bargaining with the seller. I know the market for small crafts and yachts in Europe so I can steer you in the right direction when it comes to comparing prices.

A survey like this puts you in a much more informed position. You will know for sure if it is worth making an offer, and you may have room to get yourself a better deal.

What you get with a Pre-Purchase Survey

  • An impartial valuation of the entire vessel.
  • Complete Safety assessment.
  • Thorough list of high risk problems.
  • Identification of moisture absorption and historic damages.
  • Identification of wood core issues, delamination or osmosis. 
  • Highlight areas that will need maintenance for future.